What do all lonely wives have in common?

August 16, 2015

Horny housewives come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. There’s really no way to say that there is one specific look or physical appearance for a housewife who is horny and out on the prowl. With that said you have to understand that the big commonality that unites all married women and domestic homemakers looking for sex on the side is all internal. It’s all about their personalities. It’s all about their mindsets and attitudes so instead of looking for some sort of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all physical unifying feature focus instead on the things that you hear them talk about. Focus instead on how they present certain ideas or certain common attitudes and personalities that they may have. Here are just three of the big things that horny housewives have in common.

Big dreams

Married women who cheat are women who have big dreams. For some reason or other, they’re not feeling that they are getting closer to their dream. Instead of their dream bringing a lot of promise and excitement to the table, they feel a lot of frustration. They wish they had a better life. Keep in mind that this better life doesn’t necessarily mean having more money or having a really great lifestyle. In many cases, they already are materially well-off. It goes beyond that. Their big dreams involve living life to the fullest and achieving their fullest potential as far as creative outlet and personal growth are concerned.

Frustrated conventional lifestyle

Since many housewives who are horny used to be very active during college and had wild and free teenage years, it’s very easy to see why they feel that their transition to domestic bliss is nothing but a prison sentence. They feel that there has to be something more to life than buying new clothes, buying new cars, getting new stuff for the kids, taking the kids to school, buying that SUV and soccer practice. They feel trapped in this conventional lifestyle that seems to go on and on. They feel that there’s really not enough personal freedom as far as personal development and self-expression is concerned.

Trapped in suburbia

A lot of women are pushed into having sex on the side with other guys because they feel that this is their only way of escaping suburbia. Suburbia is not just a physical place although there are tons of suburbs all over the United States. It is a state of mind. Deep down inside they are hanging on to that college dream of exploring the world, being the best person that they could be and chasing this sense of possibility that changes on a day to day basis.

In other words, they thought that the future would be bigger and more exciting than it is. It turned out that the future is just really all about this endless series of fund raisers, PTA meetings and all the other accoutrements of middle class suburban American life. Part of them is screaming out for something more exciting. Sex is one of the most obvious outlets for this and so bare in mind that if you arrange a lonely wife hookup the sex will be phenomenal.